Thank you for your interest in vending with us. This form is not for food vendors. Completing this application is not a guaranteed acceptance to vend. We review applications and choose vendors based on what they sell, whether they are already part of our vendor family, and how they fit in with the image we want to project. We will notify you by email of your acceptance. Since email will be our main line of communication with you it is extremely important that you provide a working one. If accepted you will be notified of any special activities or themes we will be having at this event by email.

Booth requirements: You must provide your own set-up including 10X10 EZ-up type tent, tables & chairs, displays, small non-blinking Christmas lights or rope lights, extension cords, a 50 ft orange cord, and a power strip.

Power: We will provide power for your booth. We will have more power than we had in the past, but still we may be on generator power, just a bigger one, but still we want to keep lighting power draw to a minimum. You may use the small Christmas lights for lighting. Use of spot lights is acceptable if you use the low-watt curly eco bulbs. No other electrical appliances or lighting may be plugged in unless approved by our electrician. Probably we will have enough power for coffee machines and hot plates. We just have to see how much power we get from the 100kw whisper diesel generator that will power not only craft vendors, but also food vendors with refergeration etc.

Set up and access: You must be set up by 12 noon on Friday afternoon. If you are not set up by that time without notifying the vendor coordinator (Chime) you risk losing your site to a vendor on the waiting list. You can arrive the day before the music starts (Thursday noon), if needed, and you will be allowed to camp and park behind your booth. If you have an RV let Chime know the size right away. Some RV's will not be allowed behind the vend. Site location is decided partially by first-come-first-choice and partially by pre-arrangement by us. Your site will be 10' across (frontage) but may go 20' deep if needed. Your shop must be open from 12 noon to at least 10 pm on Friday and Saturday.

Fees: The vending fee is $50 for this event and is subject to change for the events after that. The fee will be collected on vendors row not at the ticket booth. This does not include your ticket into the event. That must be paid to the front gate ticket booth. See ticket prices on the ticket prices page.

Deadline dates: We give priority to returning vendors. In order to make this work I have to know which vendors are planning on attending the show. Please let me know by (TBA). After that all slots will be open to fill with new vendors. Final decisions will be made by (TBA) and you will be notified. Feel free to call or email me with questions. ( )

Other important info: If you have any special requirements please contact us so we can accommodate you. If you submit this application and find you cannot attend the event please let us know as soon as possible. Since we do not charge you a deposit this is very important. The items you list that you are selling are all that you will be approved to sell. If you bring other items without them being approved we reserve the right to ask you to remove them from your sales area. If you have someone sharing a booth with you only one of you needs to apply, but please put the additional information of who is sharing your booth with you and what they are selling on the form.

If you have any questions please feel free to ask. Thank you for wanting to join our family (or returning to us). Let's make this the best Farm to Family yet! Chime - 352-598-8346 or Please check "yes" below if you agree to these terms.

The above text will be asked to you in the form below. It is written above for easier reading than how it is formatted in the form. . . you will be asked to check that you agree in the form below. Please answer the questions on the form now and submit.


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