1) Farm to Family does not allow underage drinking or illegal activities

2) Persons in the park who are intoxicated, illegally under the influence of
drugs, or who conduct themselves in a disorderly, offensive, obnoxious,
obscene, or profane manner are considered public nuisances and are subject
to arrest and/or ejection from the park. Parents or guardians are responsible for violations
by minors

3) DRUMMING - After the stage show ends those with hand drums can gather around the festival
fire for drum jamming. A djembe is the largest drum that can be used. Larger drums just carry too
far. Drum only around the festival fire after midnight when the stage show is over. Any complaints
will end the drum circle. Continued complaints will eventually eliminate the drum circle from the
full moon festivals. Please refrain from creating drum circles at your camp. You can imagine that
could be disturbing to those around you. Everyone please be responsible and let others know
who may not have read this.

4) GOLF CARTS are not allowed in the Festival Village Area. This is for foot traffic only. There is a
parking area near the stage for parking your golf cart. The Festival Village is defined as the area
around the stage including all vendors. Park and walk. Golf carts etc. are primarily for
transportation and although we don’t mind you taking a look around, continual “Joy Riding” is not
allowed. If you are taking a look around, please stay on designated trails and be courteous to
campers and their camp sites. If you are joy riding you will be asked to discontinue use of your golf cart,
or ATV for the remainder of the show or leave the

5) Dogs must be registered at the front gate. A copy of current vaccination is required. If you
have not registered your pet at the front gate please go there and fill out the registration to get the
collar-band for your dog. Your dog must always be on a leash, with a person on the other end of
the leash, always. As the festival grows this becomes increasingly important.
Keep your dog with you always, or leave your dog at home. Do not leave your dog tied up and
unattended. You must scoop immediately and dispose of properly. The trash guys deserve as
much consideration as possible.

6) Wristbands - Wristbands must be worn at all times. Wristbands will not fall off. Anyone without
a wristband must purchase a new one.

7) Fires - Fires are allowed unless it is too windy (at the discretion of Farm to Family staff) or there
is a county fire ban. Fires must be in a fire ring. When the fire rings are gone no more fires are
allowed. Do not dig fire pits anywhere, and do not use rocks. NO FIRES ALLOWED IN WALK

You are welcome to bring your own firewood, what you don’t use must leave with you. You are
welcome to burn any dead or fallen wood, DO NOT CUT ANYTHING LIVE FOR FIRES OR TO
ARRANGE A CAMPSITE. Leave your campsite as good, or better than you found it.

8) Trash
Blue Barrels have been placed throughout the Festival Stage Area and along designated pathways
in camping areas. (see site map) and also give reference for pathways for garbage collection,
service, and emergency vehicles, Please do not move Barrels, Cones, and other markers
CAMPERS - Please bag your trash separating bottles and cans. Take bottles home with
you please. Leave cans bagged (with no other trash in bag) by the trash barrels. The blue barrels
are for ordinary bagged garbage.

FESTIVAL AREA - Use wire can baskets when in the stage area for empty cans. Please recycle
cans only in the wire basket containers or in other receptacle marked for cans, the blue barrels
are for ordinary garbage. We should see NO GLASS in the Stage Area.

9) Glass and Cans - We like cans best, but if you did bring bottles, keep them at your camp site
and take the empties home, or dispose of empties promptly in trash barrels. No glass will be
allowed in the stage area, broken glass and bare feet don't mix. Leave the bottle and bring a cup
when coming to the stage area. Cans may be purchased at the beer tent.

9) Porta Potti’s - Porta Potti’s are placed around the event for your convenience; please use them
only for their intended purpose with consideration for the next in line. Leave your permanent
markers at home, and please report anyone vandalizing or acting in a “no home training” or
“immature nature”.

10) The Royal Restroom - The Royal Restroom is a nice AIR CONDITIONED 10 stall restroom
facility. By overwhelming response we are bringing it back for your comfort even though it is a
large expense to the budget. Ticket prices do not reflect any consideration for this luxury, nor the
staff that keeps them clean. You can be helpful by treating it as if it were your own. Let someone
know if it needs attention, don't be afraid to clean the basin or wipe the counter, etc., after use,
and again, be considerate of the persons following.

11) Camp Security - Be a part of security, meet your neighbors, be able to detect if someone is in
an area they don't belong. Think safe, we haven't had any big issues, but there seems to always
be some bonehead that doesn't respect others space or belongings. REPORT anything or anyone
suspicious to any Staff Member, front gate, or Sound booth. All have radios. Farm to Family will
not tolerate this type of behavior, we are a big family, lets look out for one another.

12) Cigarette butts - It is our goal to leave nothing but footprints when the festival is over.
Cigarette butts make the cleanup end-less. Little cigarette butts will be all over the place unless
everyone who does smoke remains conscious and does not flick the butt on the ground. Instead
pocket the cigarette butts, or put them in a sand bucket that will be placed around the venue. Any
cigarette butt you drop on the ground I am going to have to pick up. Most sand buckets will be in
the Festival Stage and Vendor area.

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